Xenon lamp aging test chamber product introduction:

Xenon Test Chamber is a solar radiation protection test device, suitable to test aging degree of non-metallic materials
or organic materials under the changes of sunlight, humidity and other climatic conditions. According to the actual
needs of users, this equipment can simulate and strengthen the test from the main climatic factors of light energy,
temperature, rainfall or condensation, and humidity.

Noki xenon lamp test chamber can simulate the changes of materials exposed to sunlight under different environmental
conditions.It adopts imported DC xenon lamp tube with long life and high efficiency. Lamp life up to 1600 hours.

Features of xenon lamp aging test chamber:

  1. Imported DC xenon lamp tube with long life and high efficiency. Lamp life 1600 hours.
  2. Visual 7″ operation panel, user friendly, easy to operate.
  3. Full solar spectrum xenon lamp, automatic tracking of irradiance intensity.
  4. Working Room: 304 stainless steel. Outer Box: cold-rolled plate electrostatic spraying.

Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber

Xenon lamp aging test chamber product parameters:

Model ZLHS-150-XS ZLHS-250-XS ZLHS-500-XS ZLHS-800-XS
Working room (CM) 50*60*50 60*75*55 80*80*80 100*100*80
Outer dimension (CM) 70*172*148 80*185*148 100*145*178 120*210*178
Performance Indicators Temp range RT+10℃~70℃
Moisture range 65~98%R.H
Rainfall time 1~9999hr 59 adjustable
Rainfall cycle 1~240 min,adjustable
Spectral wavelength ≤300W/㎡
Total power of xenon lamp 12.0 KW(Lifetime:1600 hr)
Control system Accuracy range Setting/indication accuracy: temperature 0.1℃, humidity 1% R.H
Temperature and humidity sensor Platinum Resistors .PT100Ω/MV
Heating System Fully self-contained system, nickel-chromium alloy electric heating type heater
Humidification system External isolation type, all stainless steel shallow surface evaporative humidifier
Blackboard temperature Bimetallic blackboard thermometer
Temperature Controller Adopt imported Willen color touch screen and German Siemens PLC module control
Circulation System Temperature-resistant and low-noise air-conditioning type motor. Multi-lobe centrifugal
wind turbine
Material used Outer material High quality carbon steel plate, phosphate electrostatic spraying treatment / SUS304
stainless steel matte lines hairline treatment
Inner material SUS304 High quality stainless steel bare plate
Sample basket SUS304High quality stainless steel bars
Door seal High and low temperature aging silicone rubber door seal
Standard configuration 1 set of radiation-proof glass windows, 4 xenon lamp tubes
Security Protection Leakage, short circuit, over temperature, water shortage, motor overheating, over
current protection
Power AC380V±10% 50±0.5Hz Three-phase five-wire system
Operating ambient temperature 5℃ ~+30℃ ≤85%R.H

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