The sand and dust test box can simulate the natural sand and dust climate

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The sand and dust test box can simulate the destructiveness of natural sand and dust weather to the product, and is suitable for testing the sealing characteristics of the product casing. The key is to use the IP5X and IP6X2 tests required by the casing waterproof level specification. The machinery and equipment have a cyclone with a vertical circulation system of dust-laden dust. The dust used in the experiment can be used in a circulating system. All air pipes are made of imported high-grade stainless steel plates. The bottom end of the air pipe is connected with the cone-shaped silo socket. The air duct is connected, and the outer diffuser at the top of the personal working room is connected to the personal working room body at a moderate position to produce an “O”-shaped closed test vertical dust blowing breathing system, so that the cyclone can flow smoothly and maximize Disperse the dust evenly. Choose each high-power low-noise centrifugal fan, and according to the experiment, a frequency converter must be used to adjust the wind power.

The sand and dust test box is suitable for the experiment of electric and electronic products, car motorcycle parts, and hydraulic seals in the sand and dust natural environment to prevent sand and dust from entering the hydraulic seal and casing. To test the application, storage, and transportation characteristics of electrical and electronic products, cars, motorcycle parts, and hydraulic seals in the natural environment of sand and dust. The sand and dust test box is helpful for evaluating the ability of weapons and equipment to resist the hazards of the opening, penetrating into the gaps, gaps, rolling bearings and connecting heads, and it is not due to the damage or blockage of the large sand particles on the edge. And reduce the characteristics, efficiency, credibility and maintainability. It is used to comment on all mechanical equipment, electronic optics, electrical equipment, electronic devices, electromechanical engineering and photoelectric catalytic equipment that are likely to be exposed to dry sand blowing, dust air at construction sites, or dust removal standards.

The sand and dust test box is suitable for products such as low-voltage electrical appliances, electric motors, instruments and equipment, instrument panels, various lighting fixtures, etc. It is usually exposed to the hazards of sand and dust in the whole process of storage, transportation and efficacy, especially the sand and dust of automobile electrical appliances. The hazards of dust are more obvious. The sand and dust test box is an experimental equipment that selects the environment to simulate the natural environment of sand and dust to test the antifouling ability of the sample. The basic structure, basic principles and characteristics of this machine and equipment, in addition to considering the provisions in the national industry standards of the relevant “Sand and Dust Test Methods”, can also show a non-laminar and flow-like dust-carrying vertical circulating airflow, which can be observed. The circulatory system uses the role of dust; and the large dust-carrying cyclone of its circulatory system can smoothly change speed and start and stop automatically and regularly execute or continue to operate. It is an ideal wind-sand experiment equipment.

The inner bladder of the sand and dust test chamber is made of SUS304 stainless steel sheet, and the cabinet is galvanized steel sheet electrostatic powder spraying. A window is attached to the door of the environmental test box, and the total area of ​​the electrical control system is under the door. The light calcium powder that simulates sand and dust is placed in the silo under the environmental test box. Using a circulating system centrifugal fan and a fully automatic jar to blow the light calcium powder into the upper end of the personal studio based on the 75μm round hole net, promote the generation of dense dust mist in the laboratory space, and carry out experiments on the samples. Visible glass sliding door with dust wiper is good for observing the condition of the environmental test box body being tested. The bottom end of the environmental test box selects high-quality removable PU theme activity wheels. The bottom end of the environmental test box is equipped with disassembly and replacement of smoke and dust equipment.

The above explanation is that the sand and dust test box can simulate the natural sand and dust climate. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to know more about the sand and dust test box, please contact customer service online or It is to call the company’s service hotline for consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide you with quality service!

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