Ozone aging test chamber product introduction:

The Ozone Aging Test Chamber is mainly used for the ozone aging resistance test of polymer materials and their products,and is suitable for schools, factories, military industries, scientific research institutions, etc.

The ozone content in the atmosphere is very small but it is the main factor in rubber cracking. Noki Ozone Aging Test Chamber can be used for rubber products such as vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic rubber, and cable insulation sheaths.

Ozone aging test chamber conforms to standard:

Under static stretching or continuous dynamic stretching deformation, or under intermittent dynamic stretching and static stretching alternate deformation, samples exposed to a closed, non-illuminated air containing a constant ozone concentration and a constant temperature test box to make some changes.

After that, the degree of cracking or other performance changes on the surface of the sample is used to evaluate the ozone aging resistance of the rubber.

Reference standard:

GB/T7762-2003, GB/T2951.21-2008.

1.GB/T7762-2003 Vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber Ozone crack resistance static tensile test method;

2.GB/T2951.21-2008 General test method for cable insulation and sheath materials,

3.GB/T 11206-2009 rubber aging test surface cracking method;

And other test methods stipulated by related standards.

Features of ozone aging test chamber:

Imported ozone concentration control analyzer to measure ozone concentration in real time.

Silent discharge tube ozone generator, low noise, high purity.

Digital display, touch control panel, simple and convenient operation.

Fault alarm, complete emergency protection device and USB data download.

Working Room: 304 stainless steel. Outer Box: cold-rolled plate electrostatic spraying.

Casters are easy to install or reset, with foot break.

Ozone aging test chamber product parameters:

Working room (W*H*D) (CM)50*60*5060*75*5580*80*80100*100*80
Outer dimension (CM)70*172*14880*185*148100*145*178120*210*178
Performance IndicatorsTemperature Range0℃~70℃
Moistrure range30~65%R.H
Ozone concentration50~500pphm
Temperature fluctuation degree±0.5℃
Operation control systemTest set-upDynamic, static (optional)
Sample frame speed360 degree rotating sample holder (speed 1 rpm)
Gas flow rate12~16mm/s
Temperature ControllerImported LED digital display P.I.D + S.S.R. microcomputer integrated controller
Time ControllerHigh precision hour, minute and second time controller
Ozone concentration analysisImport concentration analysis regulator 4~20mA output, RS232 communication port
Ozone GeneratorSilent discharge tube type/UV absorption type (optional)
Security ProtectionLeakage, short circuit, over temperature, motor overheating, over current protection
All size specifications can be customized.

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