How to choose the lamp of the UV aging test box

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The ultraviolet aging test box is suitable for accelerated artificial aging test of the weather resistance of paints, inks, chemicals, rubber and plastics, paints, adhesives and other products. The UV aging test chamber has two lamp configurations. Customers can choose the lamp according to the test requirements of the test strip: UVA-340 lamp and UVA-340 lamp can simulate the short-wave ultraviolet light in sunlight well, that is, the wavelength range of the sunlight cut-off point is 365 nm to 295 nm.

The short-wave ultraviolet light generated by the UVB-313 lamp tube of the ultraviolet aging test box is stronger than the solar ultraviolet light usually irradiated on the surface of the earth, which can accelerate the aging of the material to the greatest extent. However, the UV aging test chamber may cause unrealistic damage to some materials. UVB-313 tubes are mainly used for quality control, research and development or testing of weather-resistant materials. In principle, the aging acceleration effect of UVA-313 is faster and more obvious than UVA-340, but UVA-340 is better than UVA-313 in the reproducibility of the corresponding aging test.

The light source of the ultraviolet aging test box uses 8 ultraviolet series ultraviolet fluorescent tubes with a rated power of 40W as the light source, which are distributed on both sides of the machine, with 4 on each side. The distance between the sample surface and the UV lamp plane is 50 mm and parallel. Since the energy output of fluorescent lamps will gradually decay over time, in order to reduce the impact of light energy attenuation on the test, in all 8 types of lamps, a new tube will replace the old one for every 1/4 of the life of the fluorescent lamp. Lamp tube, so that the ultraviolet light source is always composed of the new lamp and the old lamp, so as to obtain a constant light energy output.

The body of the ultraviolet aging test box is made of numerical control equipment, with advanced technology, smooth lines and beautiful appearance. The box body is made of 1.0 mm thick 304 stainless steel plate and aluminum alloy frame. The heating method is the inner tank heating, the temperature rises quickly, and the temperature is evenly distributed. The air duct in the box adopts the single-circulation system of the imported axial flow fan, which improves the air volume and heating capacity, and greatly improves the temperature uniformity of the test box. The drainage system adopts swirling vortex and U-shaped sedimentation device to drain water, which is convenient for users to clean.

The control panel of the ultraviolet aging test box is equipped with a JS20 time relay. When the test temperature reaches within 3, the intelligent regulator is turned on (the time timer is strictly prohibited to be set to 0000, and it should be set in the timer off state). The time control of the equipment operation improves the automation performance of the equipment. It has protection systems for water shortage, anti-dry burning, over-temperature, short circuit, and overload, which are located in the electric control board and electric control cabinet. After entering the alarm state, the power supply of the equipment working system will be automatically cut off, the equipment operation will be stopped, and a sound prompt will be issued to ensure the safety of the equipment and personnel.

The above explanation is the method of choosing the lamp tube of the UV aging test box. I hope that reading it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about the UV aging test box, please contact customer service online or call this Company service hotline for consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide you with quality service!

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