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Freezing and Thawing Test Chamber Product Introduction

Freezing and thawing test chamber is a physical performance testing instrument used in the field of transportation engineering. The temperature control range is -20℃-+20℃; the temperature control accuracy is ±0.3℃. It is used to test the frost resistance and salt frost resistance of bridge structure concrete under single-sided or saturated state.

Bying putting the 100×100×400 concrete specimens and temperature test specimens that meet the appearance requirements into bucket, and soaks them in 17~23℃ water for 4 days. And then put the sample barrel into the freezing and thawing test tank, and use the circulating freezing liquid to repeatedly cool down and raise the temperature of the sample, and periodically freeze and thaw the water in the sample. This equipment can quickly confirm the frost resistance level and durability coefficient of concrete.

How To Proceed Freezing And Thawing Test?

1. Take the 100×100×400 concrete freeze-thaw specimens out of the curing site (Curing cycle 24 days)and soak them in 20℃ water. The water surface should be 20-30mm higher than the top surface of the specimens during immersion. After the time age reaches 28 days, the follow-up test will be carried out.

2. Take out the concrete freeze-thaw specimen that meets the requirements from the water and dry it with a damp cloth, then put the specimen into the specimen bucket, and pour clean water into the specimen box to cover the top surface of the specimen by 5mm.

3. Put the sample barrel into the freezing and thawing test tank, then the freeze thaw chamber will automatically control the temperature and temperature of the sample repeatedly, and freeze and thaw the sample periodically.

4. For every 25 freeze-thaw cycle tests, measure the weight and relative dynamic elastic modulus once.

5. After 300 freeze-thaw cycles are completed, it will automatically stop, and the freeze-thaw temperature curve can be downloaded from the machine to the computer for the staff to view and analyze.


Freezing and Thawing Test Chamber Product Parameter

Model NK-DR-1 NK-DR-2 NK-DR-3
Number of test pieces Nine groups Five groups Three groups
Condenser cooling method Air-cooled
Specimen size 100*100*400, same size of the temperature measuring part, center test part has a
temperature measuring hole
Freeze-thaw cycle 2.5~4 hours, thawing time is not less than 1/4 freeze-thaw cycle
Freezing time/temperature 1.5~2.5 hours/-18±2℃ (adjustable)
Melting time/temperature 1.0~1.5 hours/5±2℃
Temperature sensor control Sensor 1 Center temperature control: 5~-18±2℃
Sensor 2

Sensor 3

Sensor 4

According to the freezing and thawing state and the temperature of the
circulating fluid, the cooling/heating power is adjusted step by step to realize the smooth operation of
the machine, energy saving and consumption reduction.Diagonal temperature control: the temperature difference in the monitoring box does not exceed 2℃Secondary protection temperature control: 50℃~-30℃
Temperature difference between the center of the test piece and the surface Less than 28℃
Refrigeration Compressors Imported fully enclosed 6KW Imported fully enclosed 5.6KW Fully enclosed 4.5HP
heating power 8kw 7kw 6kw


Maximum operating power 8.7kw 7.3kw 6.7kw
power supply 380V
Studio size (length, width, height) 1150×800×600 600×600×600 600*450*600
Dimensions (length, width, height) 1870×1250×950 1700×900×950 1650×900×950
weight 700kg 550kg 350kg
Notes: All size specifications can be customized.

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