Biochemical incubator use precautions

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Biochemical incubator with two-way temperature regulation system of refrigeration and heating, temperature controllable function, is important test equipment for scientific research institutions, colleges, and universities, production units or departmental laboratories in biology, genetic engineering, medicine, health epidemic prevention, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry, etc. It is widely used in low-temperature constant temperature tests, culture test, environmental test, etc. Biochemical incubator controller circuit consists of a temperature sensor, voltage comparator, and control execution circuit.

Suitable for environmental protection, health epidemic prevention, drug testing, agriculture and livestock, aquaculture and other scientific research, colleges and production departments. It is special constant temperature equipment for water analysis and BOD determination, cultivation and preservation of bacteria, mold and microorganisms, plant cultivation and breeding test.

Precautions for use

1. Combustible and volatile chemicals should not be put into the box to lead.

2. If there are abnormalities, odors, smoke, etc. in the process of use, please immediately turn off the power supply, the user should not blindly repair, should notify the repair department of the company, the professional staff to view the repair.

3. The inner wall of the box and the surface of the equipment should be frequently sassafras, to keep clean and increase the transparency of the glass. Please do not use acid, alkali, or other corrosive solutions to sassafras outside the surface.

4. Equipment downtime should be done when not used to drive moisture treatment.

5. Equipment not used for a long time, the power cord should be unplugged to prevent equipment damage to people. And should be regularly (generally a quarter) according to the conditions of use to run 2-3 days, in order to drive away the electrical parts of the moisture to avoid damage to the device.

Biochemical incubator product features

1. Digital display microcomputer temperature controller with timing function keys, accurate and reliable temperature control;

2. Mirror stainless steel liner, semi-circular arc corners easy to clean, adjustable shelf spacing inside the box;

3. The use of glass observation window, observation is convenient and clear;

5. With an independent temperature limit alarm system, over the limit temperature that automatically interrupts, to ensure the safe operation of the experiment, no accident.

Oscillation incubator is a heating and cooling two-way temperature control system, temperature-controlled incubator and oscillator combination of biochemical instruments is the plant, biological, microbiological, genetic medicine, environmental protection, food, petroleum, chemical and other scientific research, education and production departments for precision culture preparation of indispensable laboratory equipment.

Main features:

1、The heat insulation material of the box body is made of polyurethane foam, which has a strong anti-interference ability to external cold source.

2、The working cavity is equipped with air ducts, uniform temperature distribution. The inner wall is made of stainless steel, with good corrosion resistance.

3、Refrigeration system can be reduced to 5℃ when the ambient temperature is 32℃. The heating system can raise the temperature to 50℃ when the environment is -5℃.

4、The universal spring test bottle rack is especially suitable for the preparation of biological samples for a variety of comparative tests. Stepless speed control, safe operation, precise temperature control, LED digital display.

The waterproof incubator is our company according to the requirements of the majority of users carefully designed, beautiful appearance of the machine, safe and reliable performance, easy maintenance, good temperature control effect, is the medical health, pharmaceutical work, biochemistry, industrial production and agricultural science and other scientific research departments for bacterial culture, breeding, fermentation and other necessary equipment for constant temperature test. The waterproof incubator is suitable for medical and health care, colleges and universities, biological medicine and other scientific research institutions for bacterial culture, breeding, fermentation and other constant temperature tests.

Noki on the correct maintenance method of the water-tight incubator and you are introduced to

1. Box shell must be effectively grounded to ensure the safety of use; incubator should be placed in a well-ventilated room, in its surroundings can not be placed flammable and explosive items; incubator without explosion-proof devices, shall not be put into flammable and explosive items;

2. Dry burning without water is strictly prohibited. Heating, so as not to burn the heating tube; do not turn the instrument upside down, so as not to overflow water; in order to reduce the scale, it is recommended to use distilled water.

3. water-insulated incubator items placed do not overcrowded, too heavy, must be left around the space to facilitate the circulation of hot air, to prevent damage to the shelves;

4. culture process found that the relative humidity in the box is not enough, you can put a water tray, through the natural evaporation of water, generally up to about 90% RH;

5. In the summer when the ambient temperature is high when the set temperature is lower than 40 ℃, should be used “air conditioning” to reduce the ambient temperature to maintain (25 ~ 28) ℃ between (night must maintain this temperature) to avoid causing temperature runaway, static difference;

6. Water-insulated incubator inside and outside should often be kept clean, such as long-term use, the water jacket should be drained, coated with neutral grease or petroleum jelly on the plating parts to prevent corrosion, incubator outside a good plastic dust cover, the incubator in a dry room, so as to avoid moisture damage to the temperature controller

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