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Noki aims to be the industry benchmark for customer satisfaction and is committed to continuously improving the service capability and level of the maintenance network to provide the best protection for users. At the same time, Noki will ensure from many aspects to provide customers with stable after-sales service support in response to the increasingly diversified market demand.

Noki culture:

Noki vision: To be the world’s first-class temperature humidity test equipment production provider.

Noki mission: dedicated to the research and application of constant temperature equipment, for the world brand made in China to provide more accurate, safe, and reliable test equipment struggle for life.

Noki value: no distractions, excellence, customer-centric, everything else comes to fruition. Business philosophy: enterprising, through quality products and services, to provide the best solutions.

People-oriented, to achieve the most optimal value for users, enterprises, and employees

Realistic and progressive, constantly improve the professional quality and technical level of employees.

Machining center:

Noki use international advanced CNC processing equipment to ensure the stability and reliability of the products.

Innovation always runs through each link of research and development and production to continuously launch high-quality environmental testing equipment.

The company adopts a modern advanced management system, relying on strong technical strength, insists on the policy of “customer first, quality first” and constantly introduces new products to meet customer needs.

We will, as always, with first-class equipment, first-class technology, first-class products, first-class service, together to open a new century of glory.

We are willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign enterprises and friends sincerely and develop together.

Equipment assembly:

Each technician in the assembly workshop has undergone strict pre-job training

The standardized assembly process ensures that each process of assembly meets the standard requirements, to improve the assembly accuracy and quality assurance.

Noki instruments make every small detail carefully so that quality is formed in the invisible.

Noki instruments not only provide perfect products but also deliver perfect and meticulous service to every customer.

Environmental Simulation

Whether you need to perform temperature testing, climate testing, vibration testing, corrosion testing, stress testing, or comprehensive stress testing, we have the right solution and can provide a system of every size. From serial products to customer-specific process integration systems. The choice is yours!

Temperature and humidity performance

Noki’s environmental testing equipment is suitable for precise temperature control from -120°C to +550°C with a fluctuation of ± 0.002°C to 0.5°C.

Applications include pharmaceutical engineering, petrochemical, defense, life sciences, electronics, and metrology.

Each Noki temperature control device has a temperature and humidity stability parameter listed, with an optimal temperature fluctuation of ± 0. 002°C and humidity fluctuation of ± 3% RH.

Rate of rising and fall

Very wide temperature and humidity range, a variety of capacity and temperature change rate can be selected, the maximum temperature rise and fall rate up to 15 ° C / min.

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