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Noki is one of the first companies in China to develop, manufacture, sell and service environmental testing equipment for temperature and humidity control, aging and corrosion testing and IP protection equipment.

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Oct 19,2021

Freeze Thaw Chamber

Freezing and Thawing Test Chamber Product Introduction Freezing and thawing test chamber is a physical performance testing instrument used in the field of transportation engineering. The temperature control range is -20℃-+20℃; the temperature contr……

Oct 15,2021

The structure design and hardware configuration of the constant humidity test chamber

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber mainly simulate the ability of products to withstand high and low temperatures and different humidity, which is our essential testing equipment. Good performance of the constant temperature and humidit……

Oct 15,2021

High and low temperature testing machine acceptance methods and acceptance criteria

High and low temperature testing machine is in a kind of high temperature, low temperature (alternating) cycle changes in the case, test the material product performance indicators of the testing equipment, is widely used in electronic and electric……

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